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Charisse Lowe Kahler      Steve Kahler


Steve Kahler was fascinated by his Uncle Bill’s guitar playing, and by the time he was 8 had mastered the lap steel guitar. His teacher said there was nothing left to teach him, and Steve moved on to acoustic guitar. While in junior and senior high school Steve played the bugle in the Hutchinson, Kansas Sky Riders, a well known and award winning drum and bugle corps. The discipline and perfection demanded by the corps made their way to Steve’s attitude on guitar, and his playing is both innovative and flawless.

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Steve performed in a duo in the 80’s and then became a living room player as his family obligations grew and demanded more of his time. He joined forces with fellow Learjet associate Larry McDoniel in the mid 90’s and the two of them developed a melodic signature guitar sound highlighted by Steve’s smooth lead vocals and Larry’s tight harmonies. Another Learjet friend, songwriter Harvey Waits joined them, and the three arranged and performed many of Harvey’s originals as the acoustic band, ‘Tradewinds’.

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Learjet sent Harvey to Thailand on assignment, and Larry and Steve invited me to sit in with them one night after work to see what we sounded like as a trio. We sounded pretty good, and so began the “Thursday Night Therapy” sessions. We were getting ready for our first gig in January of 2001 when Steve was transferred to Lear’s Tucson location. Needless to say we were bummed…. Larry and I continued our Thursday night sessions and played a few gigs together. In 2002, my employer transferred me to Tucson. Steve and I hooked up again and began performing as the duo Lowe & Kahler. We enjoyed each other’s company so much, that we made the duo permanent in 2004 when we married. It also simplified the duo name to ‘The Kahlers’….

In late 2004 we moved back to Kansas, where we continue to perform as a duo.