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  • The Handlebar in Greenville, SC.
    Formerly in an old mill -wood floors, brick, incredible acoustics, they have recently moved to a bigger building. The beauty of the place was a bar and restaurant area completely separate from the concert hall which sat 250 people. Anyone who is a name in acoustic music has played there. I opened for Greg Brown, Maura O'Connell, and Mickey Newbury there. Love the place, love the owners, John Jeter and Kathy Laughlin.

  • Be Hear Now in Asheville, NC.
    Bar's in the same room which makes it a little noisy, but great acts. Played there several times.

  • Old Settlers Inn at Moundridge, KS.
    A small place with the best and most loyal audience I've ever seen. And boy, do they make great soup! Two sets with dinner in between. Miner Seymour books great talent and sells season's tickets for OSI. The place is so popular you need to get your request in for seats as soon as you receive the mailer - or you'll lose out! Maybe one of these days, Miner will book me....maybe an opener?

  • The Iron Horse at El Dorado, KS.
    Another small venue with a great audience, owned by Don Koke, a player in his own right.

  • Liberty Hall in Lawrence, KS.
    One of my favorite towns here in Kansas, and this wonderful old theatre is booked by a number of different groups. I saw Cheryl Wheeler and Susan Werner there under the auspices of West Side Folk.

  • The Orpheum Theatre in Wichita.
    One of 5 remaining 'atmospheric' theatres. Gonna take about $4M to put it right, but a new heating system, plumbing, and seats have been installed over the last few years making it viable again. Saw Leo Kottke, Gillian Welch, and Kitty Wells there. Talk about your great room acoustics - this place is phenomenal!

  • The Artichoke in Wichita on Murdoch.
    The "Choke" is the only acoustic venue where you can have a beer, and absolutely the best sandwiches in town! Pat and Juanita truly love music, and are righteous in their bookings! I played there last February - my first official gig in Wichita. Hey, I need to call Pat....

Musicians & Songwriters

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  • Singer/songwriters

    • Susan Werner
      Songwriting is flawless, singing is divine. Pretty good pianist and guitar slinger, too. Fav Susan song? St. Mary's of Regrets and Your Old Mistake.

    • Patty Griffin
      Great writing chops - you may not recognize the name -but you may recognize the song "Let Him Fly" from the Dixie Chicks second CD. Patty wrote it, and Natalie sings it just like Patty - 'cause as my producer says ' you can make it different, but you can't make it better!" Fav: Poor Man's House and Let Him Fly.

    • Dee Carstensen -
      plays the harp, a little more on the pop side, but intelligent lyrics and cool melodies. Did I mention that she plays the harp??? Fav: I Want A Savior of My Own

    • Pierce Pettis
      Folkie turned Nashville writer when Garth covered one of his tunes. We all hope for that kind of a break. My favorite Pierce song is "Natchez Trace".

    • Shawn Colvin -
      Great writer, great guitar chops. After Shawn all the new girl singers suddenly sounded like her. I love almost everything she's written...

    • Chris Smither:
      Yeah, the guitar slinger who wrote "Love You Like A Man" that Bonnie Raitt recorded. Thoughtful songwriter. Add his "Live As I'll Ever Be CD to your collection. It's been in my car player for 9 months solid.

    • Mary McCaslin
      No new CDs, but remasters from the late 60s and early 70s - an under-rated songwriter! I own every album she ever made. Her song "Young Wesley", and Dust Devils" are favorites.

    • The Queen, Joni Mitchell.
      She can do no wrong. I love everything she's ever done. The latest CD of torch songs blew me away.

    • Tim Buckley -
      he's been dead since 1975 - but put your hands on the remastered CDs, he was a great songwriter with a passionate voice. Tim died of a heart attack at 28. Father of the belated Jeff Buckley. .

    • Tim Hardin -
      wrote "If I Were a Carpenter". Great unique voice and style. Long gone, find the remasters...

    • Laura Nyro
      She was out there before just about anyone else. Soulful and emotional, tough lyrics. One of my favorite albums of all time is her "New York Tendaberry". It's raw and it tears you apart. My heart broke when she died of cancer.

    • Jesse Winchester -
      Been around a long time. Real R&B quality to his writing, beautiful voice. Everyone records his material from Winona to Emmylou.

    • Gillian Welch:
      love her for that Appalachian sound.

    • Gordon Lightfoot
      a great songwriter, check out the old stuff like Canadian Railroad Trilogy.

    • Larry McDoniel One of our favorite guitar pickers is Larry McDoniel from Derby, Kansas, a suburb of Wichita. Larry can play anything from blues to folk to rock to bluegrass. He’s got a mighty nice stable of guitars, and I have forever labeled him “The Guitar Devil” because he converted me to a Taylor player…. Larry was the guiding force behind our now defunct trio Thursday Night Therapy, and recorded the homemade CD “He’s Gone to Tucson” for me in my former Wichita living room. If Steve and I ever make it back from Arizona, TNT will no doubt ride again….. Larry recently paid me the ultimate compliment by working up a beautiful instrumental version of my song Storm Season, and adding it to his repertoire. We love ya, Larry and Teresea!

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  • Old-Time Music

    • John Hartford

    • Dirk Powell clawhammer banjo, fiddler

    • Tim O'Brien

    • J. P Fraley, fiddler

    • Norman Blake

    • Michele Turner
      The best undiscovered clawhammer player in the US. Maybe the world! In fact, if angels play clawhammer banjo, she may be the best up there when she knocks on Heaven's door … She just might show up at Winfield this year …. She is with The Blue Ridge Rounders and now plays bass with them.

    • Dwight Diller
      Dwight has a very melodic style that sounds much like Michele Turner's style.